The Uber Fleet is Ready

This week Uber revealed its initial self driving car on Thursday, and announced that it has begun testing the autonomous vehicle on the streets of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. “If you’re driving around Pittsburgh in the coming weeks you might see a strange sight: a car that looks like it should be driven by a superhero,” said someone in the know for the auto industry. 

“But this is not movie prop–it’s a test car from Uber’s advanced technologies center in Pittsburgh.”

Uber believes it was still in the early days of the self driving efforts and was still attempting to focus on getting the tech just right to ensure its safe for everyone on the road including people, cyclists and of coarse other cars.

While Uber has maintained little transparency up unto this point, its plans in the the sector seem promising. The California based company had its first group meet last month amidst mixed understanding.

Uber has a big research team in Pittsburgh and it believes it chose the location because, “its an ideal environment to develop and test  our tech across a wide variety of read types and traffic patterns in addition to weather conditions.”

What remains to be seen is what the legislative effects will be for this and what we can expect for the work force going forward. If Uber goes completely autonomous where does all the cash flow go. This is probably the first act of an inevitability that people have feared for some time. This is going to have a hugely adverse economic effect and an argument could be made that legislation could go in place that would block the potential for autonomous vehicles in a commercial sense. Now this could still in principle allow for the application of driverless cars for the majority of citizens but would save a huge life line for individuals who rely on the service. That said it is likely the case that if this goes according to plan and the autonomous vehicle is responsible for the reduction in accidents and increases the safety in line with what the numbers predict then it may go without saying that this should be mandated. Either way that would take several years to ever potentially be even talked about, and from there it would take an additional few years to be put into place. At any rate, it would allow the majority of employees ample time to transition to other career paths.

As it stands now whatever legal action, or lack there of, will set an important and crucial precedent going forwards as we see the increase of autonomous tasks taking over many jobs away from the american work place. That said there is going to be a huge backlash against the company from liberal thinking individuals and workers rights advocates. But, everyone is still going to use Uber, the only alternative is that you take a Lyft but if you are close to the industry you know that they have plans in the works for their own fleet.

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