Prius Identity Crisis in the Electric Tomorrow

The Toyota Prius has long been seen as the poster child for the green car movement. From celebrities to foreign dignitaries who wanted to make an environmental statement you would see them cruising around in the Toyota Prius without fail. Over the past 3 generations of the car the Prius was mostly seen as being responsible for cementing Toyota’s place as the number one selling environmentally conscious car. This was all well and good when the Prius was in fact the more environmentally conscious option on the road, however as we all know today this is not the case. In fact the very notion of a fuel electric hybrid is incapable of getting back to that number one spot now that there are so many full electric vehicles on the road today. These include the Tesla fleet of their bread and butter model S that put electric cars on the map as a viable alternative to luxury vehicles, now they also have the Model X to be an SUV cross over that getting a lot of positive attention, and finally they are about to roll out the model 3 that will change the world in the way that they are going to be the first economic electric car that is going to come in just around the 30,000 dollar price point. Also we see people like Nissan rolling out their leaf that is pretty good little plug in as well, and finally the Chevy volt and bolt that are primarily electric vehicles that get assistance from a minimally combustion driven engine.

However despite the introduction of the Prius and their forth generation of their completely redesigned model in 2016 the Prius sales have been sluggish over the past few months. To the tune that between the months of January and now when the gen four came out Prius sales feel a whooping 11 percent when compared to the same time frame in 2015. This is in response to the fact that across their entire Hybrid sales went down by 15.5 percent in the whole nation. 

This has a lot pushing this fact, for one gas prices as we all know are really low right now, and the Prius is an efficient car but when it comes to its styling it falls flat. Its kind of an uncomfortable ride in all honesty. So where is the Prius going to be in the future you might ask, well frankly it will be dead and a relic of the past. This is probably the logical conclusion to what their mission was from the onset, still it will be a big moment in the American car buying landscape when the Prius is no longer an option. The problem is that Toyota in the minds of a lot of people is seen as the green car option. So naturally the next step in this regard is that electric is the future. However, Toyota does not have a play in this regard. In fact they are going to fall flat if they don’t step up to the plate, and soon.

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