7 Handy Tips for Drivers

Any vehicle owner can benefit from these easy tips for keeping their car running properly and looking great:

toilet plunger1. Use a toilet plunger to fix dents on your car

What? That’s right: If you plunge a car dent, you can create a vacuum that actually pulls small sections of dented metal out into their original shape. Just make sure to wash the plunger first.

2. Applying clear nail polish to windshield cracks can keep them from spreading.

It will only work as a temporary patch (the elements wear down nail polish pretty quickly), but it’s a lot better than nothing. If you need to get to work or are out on a road trip, it may just save you some time and money to patch up your cracks with nail polish until you get to a trusted mechanic.

3. Shoe organizers double as trunk organizers.

Makes sense, right? Set those bad boys up so that they hang from the back of the back seat; you’ll have a variety of see-through pouches that sort out all the supplies you need.

4. Make a cup-holder-suited tissue dispenser.

Easier than its sounds; all you have to do is remove the rolled up tissues out of a tissue box and put it inside a (clean) portable coffee cup; bust a hole in the lid and you’ve got yourself a nice little dispenser perfect for car use.

rubber band phone holder5. Hold your phone exactly where you need it (without your hands).

This one’s crazy awesome: just loop a rubber band through a couple grates in your air conditioning vent and you’ve got a rig that will mount your phone right up near the windshield. This can keep you from risking hands free tickets and is in general safer than looking down into your lap for directions.

6. Extend your car remote’s range by becoming a human antenna.

I’ve never tried this one, but apparently if you put a car remote against your head, it can then use your body as a larger, extended antennae which can then pick up and send frequencies a further range than before. If it’s true, this could definitely come in handy when you’re looking for your car in a huge parking lot.

6. Treat frozen cars with household products.

If your lock is frozen, you can effectively melt it with a generous dab of hand sanitizer. If you’re worried about your doors freezing shut, simply apply some pam cooking spray to the inner rubber before the snow sets in; those doors should open right up!

7. Reduce your blindspot.

Surprisingly, most drivers don’t understand how to adjust their mirrors to be safest and most effective. This is in part due to the fact that the mirrors are set at regulation standards by dealerships before they are sold. To minimize your blindspot, widen your side mirrors to the point that you just barely cannot see the side of your car. It would seem self-explanatory that seeing your car in the mirror does not help you remain more aware of the road, but most of us don’t even think about it.

Make Your Car Safer in Bad Weather Conditions

According to the American Journal of Public Health, bad weather is a factor in up to 30% of all car crashes in the United States each year. This can add to the general displeasure of driving in the rain, sleet, or snow: you’re way more likely than before to end up in an accident and become hurt or hurt someone else. Accordingly, it makes sense to do your best to lower these risks as much as possible. Now that we’ve worked through the Why, here’s an article that can walk you through how to do this:

bad driving conditionsIt all starts with basic maintenance; keep your brakes working at top capabilities, keep your oil changed, make sure you have enough brake fluid, all that stuff. In general, a tune-up before each winter is a good, if expensive idea. That extra money could go towards saving your life… you never know. What you do know is, you don’t want to be broken down at the side of the road when the weather is poor and visibility is bad for fellow drivers. As we already learned, their chances of colliding with you are tripled in these conditions. So yeah, check your oil, transmission, coolant/antifreeze and brake fluids. Get your windshield wipers replaced if they’re looking old or you’ve noticed that they’re not as effective as they used to be. Check your tires and be sure to rotate them and replace them if and when they need it. Balding tires can increase your chances of skidding and/or hydroplaning in bad weather or getting a flat tire and ending up on the side of the road in the same dangerous situation we already discussed earlier.

If you’re wondering how to inspect your vehicle’s car for road-readiness, you’ve got a good question brewing. Tire inspections allow drivers to diagnose problems like lodged sharp objects, worn treads and poor tire pressure before they become dangerous problems. To check the tread, find where it looks most worn and slip a penny into a groove with Lincoln’s head facing down. If you can see the top of his head (because the treads are too worn down and short to extend any further), you may want to buy new tires.

If you’re living in the snow, you need to invest in snow chains. Make sure you understand how to fit them onto your tires and which ones are your drive tires so that you put them on the right pair. They’re not meant to be used on dry surfaces or to be used at high speeds, so make to use them appropriately and safely!

snow chainsKeep road salt, sand or kitty litter at hand. If your tires can’t get traction on an icy surface, a healthy dose of any of these three products ought to either melt the ice or provide enough traction to get you off and moving.

Keep an Emergency Car Kit on hand. You can buy these complete in stores or online, or assemble them yourselves. Just make sure to have bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, tape, an instant cell phone battery recharger, reflective triangles, road flares, a distress sign, a small tool kit with basic tools like a crescent wrench and adjustable screwdriver, jumper cables, a battery recharger, an ice scraper, a small shovel, a tow rope, an emergency radio, a blanket or sleeping bag, winter clothing, high-energy foods, etc.

Are Secondary Batteries Right for You?

Today’s RVs are more decked out with charge-hungry appliances than ever before; people are hauling around refrigerators, TVs, blenders, washer/dryers, and all kinds of other technological tools that never knew the nomadic lifestyle until very recently. How do they supply the necessary power for all this stuff? Originally people would sap the precious energy from their car’s starting battery, but now the needed power is so substantial that people would quickly drain the starting battery completely.

The solution? Purchase an auxiliary battery that can be charged using your car’s alternator.  Although you may have never heard of it, the alternator is the your car battery’s right hand man, and they are a package deal.



The alternator is named in reference to the term alternating current (AC). They are generally installed near the front of the engine and are driven by the crankshaft, and create AC power through electromagnetism, which is then channeled into the battery so it can provide voltage to run your car’s electrical components.

An automotive charging system is actually made up of three major parts consisting of the battery, the alternator, and the voltage regulator. The alternator helps the battery to generate power for services like the lights in your dashboard and the power that comes from your cigarette lighter when you plug in a phone-charging adaptor.

Back to alternating currents: your car battery emits direct current (DC) power, which isn’t as powerful or far-reaching as alternating current power. The alternator uses diodes to convert AC power to DC power so that your car battery can use it.

Ok great, so how do you use it to charge your auxiliary battery? First off, you have to find the right sized auxiliary battery; generally it’s recommended to find the largest one that can fit in your engine so that it can provide the most possible power while also lasting for the longest possible time.

So you get one of those, and then you buy a battery isolator, which is a device that allows your car’s alternator to recharge the auxiliary battery while protecting your car’s starting battery from discharging. Without this, you’re likely to discharge energy from both batteries at once which can eventually leave you in a situation in which your car won’t start and you have no way to power your cell phone or any other appliance to be used in that emergency situation.

battery isolatorBattery isolators are generally made of solenoid, which is a coil wound into a tightly packed helix so that it can create a nearly uniform magnetic field. There are many ways to operate the battery isolators, and the most highly recommended tends to be the VSR (Voltage Sensitive Relay). VSR battery isolators can sense what level of voltage implies that your car is on and what level implies its off and automatically links the batteries for charging purposes when your car is on and isolates your auxiliary battery when the car is off, keeping you from accidentally draining your starting battery.

With the proper equipment, you can charge your auxiliary battery just as you drive along, and with no risk to your car’s function.

Digital Rights Rules Modified to Suit Our Times

The Library of Congress recently published new rules to replace a set of provisions in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The Library of Congress oversees the U.S. Copyright Office.

The revised provisions were a subject of much debate. Although they were written to protect the intellectual property, advocates for digital privacy, security and civil liberties claimed that times had changed in such a way that the sanctions severely limited ordinary citizens who weren’t intending to break the law in any way.

emissionFor example, one of the limitations prohibited that any modifications be made to certain devices, even if the modifications were being made solely for the sake of security research. These laws were part of the reason that companies like VW could outfit their cars with illegal software for so long without risking liability; there were mountains of red tape that made testing the software extremely difficult.

The American Foundation for the Blind was one of many interest groups that backed the advocates for change. The AFB was frustrated that the provisions made it impossible to access electronic books without being liable.

“Our situation sort of illustrates in fully stark terms why the 1202 process needs to be fundamentally rethought,” explains EFB director of public policy Mark Richert.

Advocates were happy to see the changes finally be made.

“We’re pleased with the new exemption for jailbreaking,” said Mitch Stoltz, senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. “The Library of Congress eliminated the arbitrary and increasingly meaningless distinction between smartphones and tablets, and gave some legal protection to users of many more kinds of mobile devices.”

According to Stoltz, the changed law had originally forced the EFF to “spend significant time and resources every three years to simply give device owners the right to use software of their choice” on their mobile phones and devices.

Managing partner at RSR Research had this to say:iphone

“The whole issue gets back to what users want. It’s been my view that Apply users want technology that works, and are willing to pay for assurances that anything they download will behave as expected and won’t crash the device. This is really the same driving force that led people to choose a Macintosh instead of a Windows PC.”

Content providers, on the other hand, were none too pleased.

“Without the protections embodied in Section 1201, many of these platforms simply would not exist,” claimed Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) spokesman Howard Gantman.

“We are pleased that today’s ruling protects against damaging expansions into space- and format-shifting, and will further encourage the development of new, legal platforms,” he continued. “While we respectfully disagree with certain of today’s rulings, such as those pertaining to Blu-ray discs and smart TVs, we are grateful to Register Pallante and her dedicated staff at the Copyright Office for the hard work that went into the recommendations to the Acting Librarian.”

Things you should know about luxury cars

The snobbish and luxury cars are really quite amazing when they come to getting all your wishes fulfilled. But in one way you don’t need to buy this car. This is because in the times when everyone wishes to have such cars all you can do is rent the car or take it on lease. You can just check out mercedes c class lease deals online and you will get lot many options.

If you have decided that by hook or by crook you will go and buy a snobbish car even though you can’t afford then the problem will be that you will end up buying the second hand car. In that case you might really get into problem. In the times when already the cost of living is quite high you just can’t afford to take up the expenses that the car will give you every now and then. Thus, if you can afford then buy the first hand car or the best thing would be to go for renting deals.

Renting car options

You can search for the deals around. If some friend or private car owner is giving you the deal in cheap then there would be nothing as good as that. Again, you can search for the options in your locality. If there is a car lease company then you can get the quote from there. If nothing works then go for the online car lease options and search for the deal right there.

You will have to check out what kind of offers is available to you. Always ask about your doubts. This will clear all the issues that you have in your mind. You are spending money and so you have the right to ask about such thing. Make sure that you already know how you are going to take the ride. Whether you want the chauffer or not and what would be charged extra for that. The car is having insurance or not. These are some of the important things that you need to look into for mercedes c class lease deals.

How to make your day special while you re moving in the best car?

You should know that your final motive to hire the best and the snobbish car would be to make an impression. You should try to dress in similar way. If you wear simple and old clothes then of course people will understand that you are faking richness. Wear something that will really look classy and leave an impression on someone. These are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you are just ready to drive the best car ever.

A car is a car and this is what some people think. Whether it’s a big car or a small one or if it is snobbish or simple one, doesn’t really matter. Thus, for them there would not be too many tantrums. But for those who really wish to live like king size such Mercedes deals would work wonders.

How to Order Car parts Online?

It is really a question as to what you should do when your car gets a breakdown. The first thing you should do is check what the real problem is. If the problem is with the parts then you can take the same to the mechanic and see if the part is repairable or not. If no, then just don’t rely on the parts that he would give. You can check out the car automotive parts online and this will really get you the answer that what are the costs of the parts that the mechanic is telling you. It would really be an affordable to buy such car parts online.

There are many online stores

The best thing is that there are many online stores and this really helps you in knowing as to what is the real cost of the thing that you need. Often we get into wrong transactions and end up getting into loss of money.

When it comes to trying the best things online you can even shop by using the coupon codes. This is what always helps you save your money. You can even read the reviews as to which online store sells the genuine and good parts.

Whether you are a business owner or you are just a job based person

The cost of the parts that is levied on you can be put into your business expenses if you are the business owner. If you use car or any vehicle for personal use then you cannot claim it into business expenses. Based on that, you can take the bill. It would be better to always take the bill so that when you need to again call up the shop keeper if the part is not working properly. Ask about the warranties and all.

Online reviews will really guide you very well. This is because if you don’t do that things will be quite different. Reviews will give you the confidence that the things that you are buying are really genuine. In the times when people really have to get the best products so that they last long, you should make sure that you have access to a good store that provides you with genuine and good products.

In the times when people really wish to get products at their door steps ordering car automotive parts at your home online would really serve you with the best option. It will save your time, money and energy. You just have to take up ordering online and see the magic. Within a specific period of time say 48-hours or so you will get quick home delivery. This really creates an important mode of work for people.

People who have lots of work should try online options and this would solve their purpose. In fact, everyone around is quite busy these days and thus online shopping would be considered as the best means. Of course, the products would be cheaper too. This should be considered by you.

The Importance of Transportation in Life

In life you would need transport in so many ways. You already have a car but if there’s breakdown then you either have to rely on public transport or private vehicles. In one way you can see that there would be many different vehicles’ around and each and everyone has its own better deals. When it comes to trucks they help the businessmen for transporting the goods from one place to other. Thus there are many options when it comes to vehicles and each and everyone is important in some or the other way.

The improved infrastructure

Thanks to the better infrastructure that today things have really become very easy. You can move from one place to the other and there won’t be any issues in that. Vehicles really offer you the best way to get your things done. Like if you want to go to office or small work then you can opt for your own car or a small cab. You can also lease the cars if you need. If there is requirement to go far then you can opt for train, air mode or something else. Thus when you have to transit you will get so many choices and every choice would have some reason.

Life is full of options and the choice that you make would depend on many different factors. The first factor is whether your budget is good or not. The second thing is that whether you really are looking for the transport option. If you wish the luxurious mode or simple mode, the cots will become as per that. If you have to move all the goods then you will have to opt for trucks. 

The competition makes a difference 

The reason why you are getting the best deals when it comes to the means of transport is that you have lot of competition around and this is capable of giving you all the very best deals. If you ask one person and if you feel he is quite expensive then again you have ten more choices. Thus the options would surely remain unexhausted. In the times when things are really great you should take advantage of all this. It will take you a long way.

You should always remain alert and vigilant and search for the most competitive deals as available either online or in news papers or around. There was a time when the people who did not afford cars always remain without cars. But thanks to the leasing and renting options that things have literally changed and you can surely take help of many options as available to you.

Just search for the options online. If you book things online then you will also get the benefits of coupon codes. It will surely make a lot of difference. The online shopping has also improved and people can make the best out of all that is available. You just need to be open to things and that will surely make you the smart buyer or the smart consumer.