Google Offers Federal Plan For Autonomous Car

Google wants there to be legislation on the books that is favorable to autonomous cars, and soon. They are on the cusp of being able to put something into production within the next few years, however remain hesitant given the potential threat of liability and legally ambiguity that surrounds the world of self driving cars. Google is urging Congress to establish new federal powers which would let the company under the guise of Alphabet to receive special, and expedited permission to bring a self driving car to market that for the first time would not have any streaming wheel or pedals. The proposal addresses their plain in a letter to the top transportation officials as well as the big wigs of the industry reveals their solution to a huge regulatory roadblock that persists today with the confides of an antiquated understanding of autonomous cars and tech in general. Its a kind of blue print to congress for how they should address the issue and do their job, which most of the time people have immense issue with. But in the case of Google they understand the what needs to be done and what will happen in the future more than probably anyone in the world, so in this case it is kind of warranted. The major innovation is that is the legislation as it stands now demands that someone have the ability to step in and over ride the car if need be and drive it, where as what google wants is a car that is incapble of being driven, it should be considered in the realm of a transportation machine instead of a car as we understand it and that is the biggest problem for congress to grapple with. They are locked in a relm and cannot see the shift within the existing infrastructure. nnnnnngh

An insider surround this story noted that,

“If every state is left to go its own way without a unified approach, operating self-driving cars across state boundaries would be an unworkable situation and one that will significantly hinder safety innovation, interstate commerce, national competitiveness and the eventual deployment of autonomous vehicles,” The thing is that the US need to act and act fast given implications of where we are today. When we consider that GM has invested $500 Million with Lyft to make this happen, as well as many other companies trying to bid for a piece of the pie the time is ripe that they in the United States and in many ways if the US doesn’t step up and other countries do, that is where the money will go.nnn

It is unlikely that congress will not act in some way, the only question is how quickly and how much. Given the speed of innovation in this field they need to set up laws that will allow for the continued innovation and development so that we do not run into this kind of log jam in the future where in industry is halted by state. The skills that defined safe driving will soon be unnecessary.

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