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7 Handy Tips for Drivers

Any vehicle owner can benefit from these easy tips for keeping their car running properly and looking great:

toilet plunger1. Use a toilet plunger to fix dents on your car

What? That’s right: If you plunge a car dent, you can create a vacuum that actually pulls small sections of dented metal out into their original shape. Just make sure to wash the plunger first.

2. Applying clear nail polish to windshield cracks can keep them from spreading.

It will only work as a temporary patch (the elements wear down nail polish pretty quickly), but it’s a lot better than nothing. If you need to get to work or are out on a road trip, it may just save you some time and money to patch up your cracks with nail polish until you get to a trusted mechanic.

3. Shoe organizers double as trunk organizers.

Makes sense, right? Set those bad boys up so that they hang from the back of the back seat; you’ll have a variety of see-through pouches that sort out all the supplies you need.

4. Make a cup-holder-suited tissue dispenser.

Easier than its sounds; all you have to do is remove the rolled up tissues out of a tissue box and put it inside a (clean) portable coffee cup; bust a hole in the lid and you’ve got yourself a nice little dispenser perfect for car use.

rubber band phone holder5. Hold your phone exactly where you need it (without your hands).

This one’s crazy awesome: just loop a rubber band through a couple grates in your air conditioning vent and you’ve got a rig that will mount your phone right up near the windshield. This can keep you from risking hands free tickets and is in general safer than looking down into your lap for directions.

6. Extend your car remote’s range by becoming a human antenna.

I’ve never tried this one, but apparently if you put a car remote against your head, it can then use your body as a larger, extended antennae which can then pick up and send frequencies a further range than before. If it’s true, this could definitely come in handy when you’re looking for your car in a huge parking lot.

6. Treat frozen cars with household products.

If your lock is frozen, you can effectively melt it with a generous dab of hand sanitizer. If you’re worried about your doors freezing shut, simply apply some pam cooking spray to the inner rubber before the snow sets in; those doors should open right up!

7. Reduce your blindspot.

Surprisingly, most drivers don’t understand how to adjust their mirrors to be safest and most effective. This is in part due to the fact that the mirrors are set at regulation standards by dealerships before they are sold. To minimize your blindspot, widen your side mirrors to the point that you just barely cannot see the side of your car. It would seem self-explanatory that seeing your car in the mirror does not help you remain more aware of the road, but most of us don’t even think about it.